Join us every Tuesday 8.15pm-10.15pm

at Parkside Hall, Woburn Street, Ampthill

Parkside NewPiano

(of Ampthill)


  Concerts & Events 2018


    3rd Mar - competed in the Bedford Festival of Music. COMMENDED

                                              Sat 17th March - MacIntyre concert @ Flitwick VH

                                  Sat 5th May        - Church concert @ St Margaret's Streatley

    Tue 22nd May - 7pm concert @ Mulberry Court CH (Luton)

    Tue 10th July  -  7pm concert Bushmead Court CH (Luton)


    Thur  6th Sept - 7pm concert at Ampthill "Jigsaw" club

    Sat 22nd Sept - 2:30pm "Home" concert at Parkside Hall


    Sat 24th Nov - 2:30pm afternoon Carol concert at Parkside Hall


                  Dec  -  t.b.c. concert with Toddington Town Band

    Sun 9th Dec  - 2:30pm afternoon concert with Ampthill Town Band


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Parkside Singers Catchment map

Our catchment area for members and for concerts will probably lie within the blue circle in the map below...


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Singing to an audience is FUN. 


That's why we do it.


We sing a very enjoyable concert for you...


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Parkside Singers (Ampthill)

Our concert and chorister catchment area - within a 10-mile radius

of our Parkside Hall base.

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"Movie Music" concert with the Toddington Town Band in aid of MacIntyre Lifelong learning Ampthill

at Flitwick Village Hall in March 2018