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Our concerts and events

Our first major event in 2024 will be the Bedfordshire Festival of Music Speech and Drama, held the first week in March.

Parkside Singers of Ampthill enter the Class 13 Community Choirs section. We won in 2022, and placed second of six community choirs in 2023. Please wish us luck and support us in 2024.

Our focus is consolidating our repertoire for our programme of formal concerts [and informal "sings" at care-homes and other venues in our locality] over the coming months...

Our major annual concert is in September, which in 2024 will be the 8th "home" concert  in our "Take Tea with..." series.


This is a very well attended event so we advise our regulars to book tickets early as we had to turn away some last minute potential attendees last year, because we had run out of room!

We shall be giving concerts throughout 2024. PLEASE WATCH THIS SPACE... please like us, and FOLLOW  us on Facebook to keep abreast of all that is happening. Following us on FaceBook should keep you updated with our concerts as they are arranged and the dates/venues agreed.

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