Bedfordshire Festival of MUSIC, Speech & drama 2022
Parkside Singers of Ampthill - WINNER class 13 (Community Choirs)

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Parkside Singers of Ampthill - back LIVE after Covid lockdown.

5th December 2021 - our choir are guests of Ampthill Town Band at a pre-Christmas concert.

20211205-PSSA in ATB gig - Helen conducts (crop).jpg
20211205-PSSA in ATB gig - Dave conducts 02 (pxltd bm).jpg

5th December 2021 - Helen and David (Co-Musical-Directors) conduct the choir at Parkside Hall

Parkside Singers of Ampthill - semi-formal pictures (Pre-COVID) in concert uniform.

Parkside Singers of Ampthill. Pictured in 2019


Sopranos; Altos; "Men" (Tenors & Basses together.)

This is what the choir sections look like, pretty much.  (As taken in 2019.)

If you might like to have us sing for you... 

 If you think you would fit in...



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